Saturday, 17 December 2011

My feelings and expectation in UBI 1022`s frist class

My firsts class is on Thusday but that was cancel. We wait for 30 minutes, after that everyone back. Next  week on Sunday my class at OTHMAN 03..we wait Miss Junaidah at 15 minutes.everbody still wonder who is MISS JUNAIDAH??..after that we see somebody like to find the feel on that time very nervous..on that time she come to class and tell she is MISS JUNAIDAH is my class lecturer in English subject..My firsts expectation to she is a fierce person..but my expectation is different, she very friendly sometime she make everyone laugh..I hope I will get all knowladge from she because my English very bad..I am very happy have new friend and new lecturer.I hope I will improve my English..

what are the new words I learn in last week`s class

v  Airmen              Juruterbang
v  Cereals                     Bijirin                  
v  Shelter             Tempat berteduh     
v  Bail                          Ikat jamin/jaminan     
v  Melt                Mencairkan                
v  Squeezing                Memerah    
v  Fastened           Menutup/merapatkan  
v  Prominent               Terkenal/menonjol        
v  Bark                Menyalak                 
v  Digging                    Menggali           
v  Trape               Perangkap              
v  Proboscis                 Hidung besar        
v  Labial               Bunyi bibir              
v  Permanently            Kekal/tetap